Agnieszka Mikucka's Portfolio

Here are the projects I worked on in the team "Utterly Absurd Games" during my second year at The Game Assembly. We were a team of four programmers; Andreas Nilsson, Erik Nygren, Mikael Andersson, Jonas Mauritzsson and five artists; Martin Carlsson, Hampus Linton, Teuta Grajqevci, Tomas Lif and myself . Most projects were developed in 8-10 weeks.

First Person Shooter
"Escape - From Death!" was developed in nine weeks. I mainly worked on textures, props, and environment.

Real-Time Strategy
In "Exploitation", I made concept art, the GUI graphics aswell as the 3d models and textures for the colonists.

Space Shooter
"From Space" is a space adventure that combines ocean creatures and and American 50's vibe to the art style. I worked mainly on concept art, 3d models for the asteroids and the mothership.

Turn-based Strategy
"Sherwood Smackdown" was our last project in the first year of The Game Assembly. I worked on concept art, the levels, and all of the props and environment. I also made a few models and 2d art.

"Tuffa Uffe" is a diablo-inspired game with a nordic theme. I made the hero "Tuffa Uffe", the GUI, props and levels.

In "Theodor's Dreamland", i worked on concept art, level design, 2d- and 3d art.

2012 Agnieszka Mikucka